Daily Archives: August 30, 2009

A song of faith and devotion

I don’t want to finish August without writting about the year at Portiño. We ended course 2008-2009 activities in July, with the traditional excursion to the aquatic park in Cerceda, and the volunteers are already talking about the next course in our mailing list.

I think this year was the best we live since I began as volunteer. The team we were last year growed progressively with a very interesting group of new volunteers. In February we split the team in two so we went to work two days in a week. The parties were more fun with the new ideas that veterans and newbies contributed. And all along the course we made more trips than ever. All this work was evident in the academic results and behaviour of the children. And as I desired, in the end of the course, we weren’t volunteers that help children in risk of exclusion to progress.In fact, we were a family.

But every wonderful things in the life are not eternal and, if it’s time to enjoy the sucess, it’s time for me to be a bit sad too. Some volunteers finished their university studies, and it’s probably they won’t continue because it. Even my personal boundings can force me to leave the group. So in the next months we’ll be working in the necessary transition. Laura ‘Laby’ Pérez will be the new coordinator of the group. She is fun and sweet with the children, she has two years of experience in the project, and she has energy like a RedBull cans truck :-)

Now I’ll pray for the spirit of these two years go on…