Dealing with wikis

In this my new home in the Paradise I decided to build my homepage. I was trying to do it some time ago (actually three years ago, when I began Linuxbeat with Bille), but I nerver had time to do it.

I saw Jacobo Tarrío’s home page, he took Mediawiki, the Wikipedia engine, and customized it. “It was perfect”, I thought, “I can translate my math expressions with LaTeX”.

I tried to copy the idea, but I couldn’t do it. I have no php knowledgement nor time to waste. I could make my own web writing the html, but I have no sftp connection to the server when I am at the Campus. I was too looking for an easy way to create web pages to my neighbour Belén, to avoid her using the stinky frontpage :-P.

So I began to look for another wiki engines. I started with this interesting article about comparison of wiki engines in the Wikipedia. I tried with phpWiki but I have some problems with my hosting (I’m not the root). Then I tested MoinMoin, I liked it because it didn’t need a database, but it was to big to my disk quota and I couldn’t overcome some configuration problems.

Finally I found WikkaWiki, and I saw opened Heaven: small, easy to install and use, good security, customizable by CSS and very important XHML 1.0 compliant. Then I got it. You can verify it at Tsao in the Paradise home page (in spanish).

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6 Responses to Dealing with wikis

  1. Benji says:

    Stinky CamelNotation is the worst thing in WikkaWiki :) If you want to have a clear and sweet personal web site with a wiki, you should have a wiki system without CamelNotation… MediaWiki maybe :-DDD “You want the fame, but the the fame is expensive…” XDDDDDD

  2. tsao says:

    Hey, CamelNotation is the origin of wikis :-P
    I don’t want the fame, I wanna remain annonimous ;-)

  3. DarTar says:

    > Stinky CamelNotation

    Please note that CamelCase linking is *optional* on WikkaWiki.

    You can use markup such as [[page]] or [[page This is my new page]] etc. to create links in a wiki page.

    As for a “clear and sweet personal web site with a wiki” you might want to check out this: :)

  4. tsao says:

    I’ld need months to learn enough to have a site like yours O:-)

  5. Benji says:

    DarTar: WAAAAAAAOOOOO! Im very impressed with your website, maybe I must to try these wiki ;). Thanks for the reference.

  6. DarTar says:

    you kidding ;) you just need to learn some silly wiki formatting rules

    re: using a wiki as a backend for a website, you might want to read this:

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